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Hans Otte: Daidalos

  • Duration: variable duration
  • Instrumentation details:
    player 1: hp., tambourine, gong, triangle, snare
    player 2: pno., glock., 2 maracas (soft), stones (high and low), hi-hat
    player 3: vib., tubular bells, 2 cymbal (high, low), 4 tam-tam (small, large), ratchet
    player 4: marimba, 4 cow bells (high, low), tam-tam, 2 snare drums (high, low), bass drum player 5: pno., cel., 2 maracas (hard), woodblockdrum (high, low), hi-hat player 6: guit., brackets, 2 triangles, 2 cymbales antiques (high, low), metal block
  • Composer: Hans Otte

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