Hans W. Heinsheimer: UE - Die ersten 37 ½ Jahre

Hans W. Heinsheimer UE - Die ersten 37 ½ Jahre
UE - Die ersten 37 ½ Jahre

Hans W. Heinsheimer: UE - Die ersten 37 ½ Jahre

Hans W. Heinsheimer
Table of contents:
Vorwort - Die Chronik der Universal Edition
Vorwort - Michael Haas: Die Geschichte der Musik im 20. Jahrhundert
Hans W. Heinsheimer: Diese Schrift (Einleitung des Autors, 1975)
Hans W. Heinsheimer: UE - Die ersten 37 1/2 Jahre - Eine Chronik des Verlags
Hans W. Heinsheimer: Skizze für den Rest des Buches
Hans W. Heinsheimer: Gedanken über ein Buch zum 75. Jubiläum der UE
Hans W. Heinsheimer: Emil Hertzka
Hans W. Heinsheimer: Brief an Egon Wellesz
Anhang 1: Alban Berg: Gedenkrede auf Emil Hertzka
Anhang 2: Emil Hertzka Gedächtnisstiftung
Anhang 3: Christopher Hailey: Hans W. Heinsheimer und seine "Chronik"
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Work introduction

One of the most remarkable documents to have fallen into my hands of late comes thanks to Frances Heinsheimer-Wainwright, daughter of the music publisher Hans Heinsheimer […] an unfinished history of Universal Editions (shortened to UE), only taken up to the death of UE’s owner and director Emil Hertzka in 1932 […] If you read German, I absolutely recommend that you purchase it upon publication. (Michael Haas, Forbidden Music)

In this book former managing director of Universal Edition’s stage department Hans W. Heinsheimer describes the beginnings of the music publishing house and its rise to the leading publisher for new music under director Emil Hertzka.

It comprises “the first 37 ½ years” until the annexation of Austria in March 1938, with the last chapters in the form of drafts. Alongside Hertzka, Heinsheimer was involved in the growing success of the “UE” by proving an enormous skill for his profession (e.g. the development of new markets). He describes a time when the significance of a music publisher changed not to be solely responsible for printing and distribution but also to act as a rights administrator in view of the emerging new media.

In an illustrative manner, Heinsheimer talks about encounters and collaboration with composers such as Schönberg, Berg, Krenek, Schreker, Janáček and many others while capturing the atmosphere of that particular time.

In addition, Christopher Hailey provides information on the chronicles’ making and on Hans W. Heinsheimer himself.

Take a look behind the scenes of Universal Edition and the music history of the early 20th century.

This book is only available in German language.

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