Time for less

On this page you will find our campaigns, which specifically deal with reduced versions and smaller instrumentations. Each of these themes leads you to a carefully selected list of works, which has been conceptually thought through. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.



 We live in a time of reduction. But what we do not want to reduce, is our claim to make our life rich and valuable with music – meeting these demands is currently very difficult for concert halls and opera houses.
Therefore Universal Edition has created a list of reduced versions of masterpieces that make it possible to continue experiencing music as an indispensable nourishment - live and reflecting the great power of music

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 We have picked out a selection of contemporary pieces which are not only written for a smaller instrumentation, responding to the new requirements in concert halls, but which also in a way reflect the current mood and situation we're all facing in these challenging times of social distancing.

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The great success of our Mahler versions for chamber orchestra and ensembles proves that it doesn't have to come at the expense of sensuality. Feel free to take a look at our specific selection of works accordingly. It is always Time for Mahler.

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The simple fact that Arvo Pärt is the most frequently performed contemporary composer shows how deeply he moves his listeners with this understanding of music. Far beyond the boundaries of the musical world, Pärt has become a synonym for inwardness and spirituality. His uncompromising search for truthfulness has led him to find a language that is understood and loved worldwide.

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