James Rae: Introducing the Clarinet

James Rae Introducing the Clarinet
Introducing the Clarinet

James Rae: Introducing the Clarinet

Scored for:
for clarinet and piano
James Rae
James Rae
Table of contents:
Description of the Instrument
Assembling the Instrument
The Embouchure and Producing the First Sounds
The Language of Music
Lesson One: The First Note - E
Lesson Two: New Note - D
Lesson Three: New Note - C
Lesson Four: New note - F
Lesson Five: Slurs
Lesson Six: New Note - G
Lesson Seven: New Note - A
Lesson Eight: New Note - B
Lesson Nine: New Note - F#
Lesson Ten: Quavers
Lesson Eleven: New Notes - Bb and Throat Bb
Lesson Twelve: New Notes - Low A and G
Lesson Thirteen: New Note - Low F
Lesson Fourteen: New Notes - Low G and G#
Lesson Fifteen: New Notes - Low F# and E
Lesson Sixteen: New Notes - C# and D#
Lesson Seventeen: The Upper Register and Crossing the Break
Lesson Eighteen: New Notes - B and C#
Lesson Nineteen: Semiquavers, Staccato
Lesson Twenty: New Notes - F# and Eb
Lesson Twenty-one: New Notes - High A, B and C
Lesson Twenty-two: New Notes - Left Hand C and High Bb
Lesson Twenty-three: The Chromatic Scale
Lesson Twenty-four: Trills, Acciaccaturas and Mordents
Lesson Twenty-five: Swing Quavers
A Glossery of Common Musical Terms
Popular Melodies in Duet Form
Fingering chart
More Less

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