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Jay Schwartz: In Paradisum

  • mixed choir, 2 violoncellos, 2 double basses and organ
  • Duration: 20’
  • Instrumentation details:
    1st violoncello
    2nd violoncello
    1st double bass
    2nd double bass
  • Choir: SSATTB
  • Composer: Jay Schwartz
  • Dedication: for my father Howard Leonard Schwartz (1933 – 2016)
  • Commission: With the utmost gratitude for the support from the Accedemia Tedesca Roma Villa Massimo

Work introduction

My composition In paradisum for choir, 2 cellos, 2 double basses and organ, takes its reference and inspiration from the Gregorian chant of the same name. During my stay in Rome I was once again fascinated by the acoustics of the churches of this city, which had brought forth the Gregorian chants. I undertook small studies, made recordings of chants and liturgical acts in the churches of Rome, and experimented with the collected material on the computer in my studio.

The giant, richly resonant acoustics of these sacred buildings and their extreme reverberations act as an amplifier and multiplier of the sound, so that relatively simple chants are clothed in a shimmering, lush robe of acoustics […] I perceive the subject of my composition as a rite of passage: life as a transition. The musical means of the glissandi, the tones always moving between fixed steps – a musical language that has long since become a fixed vocabulary of my musical aesthetic – embodies this state of permanent transition in the composition.

Jay Schwartz

The complete perusal score (PDF-preview)

World première

Santa Maria in Campitelli, Roma (IT)
Solisti Accademia Tedesca
Lorenzo Donati
Main soloists:
Michele Marco Rossi & Kyung mi Lee, Vcl; Daniele Roccato & Giacomo Piermatti, Basso

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