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Joanna Gill

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Joanna Gill biography

Joanna is an award-winning composer born in Perth, Scotland. After studying choral music alongside Royal Composer, Paul Mealor, her passion to study composing for Film and TV brought her to London where she currently works as a composer. Joanna’s music has been performed all across the UK including some of London’s most prestigious venues; St Martin in the fields, the Barbican, Hampton Court Palace and the Royal Albert Hall. Joanna sings regularly with the London Symphony Chorus, works with HTB Chamber Choir and has recently had some of her choral music recorded.
Joanna is a confident orchestrator and arranger and has a love for theatre and film music, and in 2019 Joanna wrote an orchestral soundtrack to a production of the Exodus at the royal Albert Hall. Her passion, in her writing, is to bring out characters, emotions and stories through music.

About the music

Joanna Gill about her music:
“As soon as I hear a good inspiring piece of music I am immediately motivated myself to put pen to paper and write as I get encouraged by the impact that music can move people and feel compelled to write. I love to tell stories through my music, and will usually be inspired by a text or image which begins the composition. With harmony, texture and articulation you can then create a whole story and feelings through music.
Most of my choral music is contemporary classical in style. I love to use harmonies such as the added 2nd and 4th to create tension, sometimes building to a rich texture, and then releasing. I love to write music with a purpose, a message to give across, so would hope that it is meaningful and encouraging to those who listen, and a glimpse of peace in this busy world.
Every note I write is felt with emotion, so I hope that my music will bring meaning, love and truth to each choir and singer who performs it, as well as being an enjoyment to sing which is my desire.”

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