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Karlheinz Stockhausen: Punkte

  • for orchestra
  • 3 3 3 3 - 3 3 2 1 - perc(3), hp(2), pno(2), str(all solo: 8 8 8 6 4)
  • Duration: 27’
  • Instrumentation details:
    1. flute (+picc)
    2. flute (+picc)
    3. flute (+picc
    1. oboe (+ob.d'a)
    2. oboe
    3. oboe (+c.a.)
    clarinet in Eb
    clarinet in B
    bass clarinet in B
    1. bassoon
    2. bassoon
    3. bassoon (+cbsn.)
    1. horn in F
    2. horn in F
    3. horn in F
    1. trumpet in C
    2. trumpet in C
    3. trumpet in C
    tenor trombone
    bass trombone
    bass tuba
    perc (1): tubular bells, Kastenglockenspiel, 2 Pedaltoimpani
    1. harp
    2. harp
    1. pno
    2. pno (+ cel)
    1. violin I
    2. violin I
    3. violin I
    4. violin I
    5. violin I
    6. violin I
    7. violin I
    8. violin I
    1. violin II
    2. violin II
    3. violin II
    4. violin II
    5. violin II
    6. violin II
    7. violin II
    8. violin II
    1. viola
    2. viola
    3. viola
    4. viola
    5. viola
    6. viola
    7. viola
    8. viola
    1. violoncello
    2. violoncello
    3. violoncello
    4. violoncello
    5. violoncello
    6. violoncello
    1. contrabass
    2. contrabass
    3. contrabass
    4. contrabass
  • Composer: Karlheinz Stockhausen
  • Dedication: Die Neuschrift 1962 ist Francesco Agnello gewidmet, in dessen Haus in Siculiana (Sizilien) ich sie begonnen habe.
  • Commission: Neuschrift 1962: Auftragswerk des Südwestfunks für Donaueschingen, 1963.

Work introduction

The 24-year-old Karlheinz Stockhausen was already fascinated by the universe and the stars, which he saw as individual dots in the sky. This inspired him, in 1952, to compose music with ‘points’ in the sound space instead of melodies. He soon realised that the score of Punkte could not be performed as it was and turned to other projects – such as Gruppen (1955–57). Stockhausen produced a new version in 1962, but continued to work on the score until 1993. Today, the music has a familiar feel, probably partly because it has served as an example for many other composers. You can listen to the original here.


The complete perusal score (PDF-preview)

World première

Donaueschingen (DE)
Pierre Boulez

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