Listening Lab – bringing music closer

Our LISTENING LAB series introduces a number of approaches to communicating music and is dedicated to modern classics.

  • Young people and adults alike are brought closer to the music itself.
  • Challenging and practical methods for children, teenagers and adults.
  • Tips for the creative and artistic development of classroom activities, as well as specific ideas introducing a deeper understanding of the works.
  • Added multimedia content like films, audio samples and additional images and texts available to download.

Volume 1

Constanze Wimmer & Helmut Schmidinger

Alban Berg – Violin Concerto

Volume 2

Veronika Großberger & Johannes Voit

György Ligeti – Atmosphères

Volume 3

Constanze Wimmer & Helmut Schmidinger

Luciano Berio – Rendering

Volume 4

Lea Fink & Manuela Kerer

Pierre Boulez – Notations

Volume 5

Constanze Wimmer & Helmut Schmidinger

Béla Bartók – Music for string instruments,
percussion & celesta

Volume 6

Friedrich Burkhard & Rainer O. Brinkmann

Arnold Schönberg – Variations

Volume 7

Constanze Wimmer & Helmut Schmidinger

Olivier Messiaen – Oiseaux exotiques

Volume 8

Sven Daigger & Axel Petri-Preis

Arvo Pärt – Tabula rasa



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