Louis Gruenberg: Animals and Insects

Louis Gruenberg Animals and Insects
Animals and Insects

Louis Gruenberg: Animals and Insects

op. 22
Year of composition:
Scored for:
for medium voice and piano
Louis Gruenberg
Text author:
Vachel Lindsay
Rudolf Stephan Hoffmann
Table of contents:
The Lion / Der Löwe
An Explanation of the Grasshopper / Die Erklärung des Grashüpfers
The Spider and the Ghost of the Fly / Die Spinne und der Geist der Fliege
A Dirge for a Righteous Kitten / Nachruf auf einen braven Kater
The Mysterious Cat / Die seltsame Katze
The Mouse that Gnawed the Oak-Tree Down / Die Maus und der Eichbaum
Two Old Crows / Zwei alte Krähen
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Work introduction

Louis Gruenberg (1884–1964) emigrated with his parents to the USA as early as 1885. In the early 1920s he continued his studies with Ferruccio Busoni in Berlin, who also encouraged him to compose. In the late 1930s Gruenberg moved to Hollywood, where he became a successful film score composer. The song collection Animals and Insects was written in the early 1920s and has now been republished. However, its tonal language was too advanced for the American taste in music at the time. He adopted the humorous, folksy singing tone of the poems by Vachel Lindsay (1879–1931), sometimes giving them popular, cabaret-style rhythms and sometimes using them in a more abstract way.

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