Mauricio Kagel: Zwei-Mann-Orchester

Mauricio Kagel Zwei-Mann-Orchester

Mauricio Kagel: Zwei-Mann-Orchester

Year of composition:
Scored for:
for two one-man-bands
Mauricio Kagel
Instrumentation details:
2 "orchestermaschinen" [ad lib. syntheziser with a third musician] Musicians are sitting on separated podiums in a distance of 8 meters from each other. Arround them there are the instruments in a close but transparent setup - togethter with pedals, wheels, machine parts and so on: a "orchestermaschine". Place for the audience is to the right and left of the orchestermaschine. [The 3rd player (with syntheziser) is to be seated in the first row of the audience.]
Kompositionsauftrag des Südwestfunk, Baden-Baden
dem Andenken einer Institution gewidmet, die im Begriffe ist, auszusterben: das Orchester
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