Independent between the worlds

Reading time: 2 min. Richard DünserEntreactePiano

‘This piece was commissioned by Neue Oper Wien for an evening of musical theatre with Schoenberg’s Book of the Hanging Gardens (in my orchestration) and his monodrama Erwartung. It was premièred in April 2015 in Vienna, conducted by Walter Kobéra, its dedicatee. I wrote Entreacte to create a transition for the audience from the hanging gardens to the forest of Erwartung: quasi a path from the one emotional and musical landscape to the other.

There are reminiscences and déjà-vu experiences in the transformation, as in a daydream-like stream of consciousness, musically designed as allusions to both works, perhaps audible but definitely perceptible.

Besides, a dramaturgical transition is needed, a transmutation, as well as time to process what has gone before and what is to come. It is also my very personal commentary on those emotional worlds and the music in the two monodramas, embedded in an entirely discrete setting and sonic world.’

Richard Dünser

Dünser opens the door to Schoenberg's spiritual world for us, but does so with his own means and great respect.

Proof that this key to Schoenberg also functions as chamber music can be seen for itself on 12 December 2019 in Linz. Richard Dünser has condensed his Entreacte to a four-handed piano version. The piano duo Silver-Garburg premieres this distillate at the Brucknerhaus.

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Photo: © Matthäus Stepan