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‘Insectopedia’ - Aleksey Igudesman

With humorous titles, the Russian-German composer embarks on insect research. In a musical way, they will investigate what a bug hug feels like, what Dennis the grasshopper does or how a helicopter dragonfly flies. In a light, child-oriented level of difficulty, young talented musicians let cockroaches march and feel how bitchy goats can be or how penetrating ‘most mosquitoes’ are. With different pedagogical learning contents, the little pieces show whether an ant can be an aunt, what the life of a butterfly looks like and whether bees can behave.

Entertaining, concertante and with a good portion of humour, the ten solo pieces set the most diverse technical emphases, such as jumps, legato playing, first chord playing or hands taking turns, as well as octavations, key changes, glissandi and much more.


[...] you will have a lot of fun with this little album. In fact, the more you are involved, the more fun you will have with it. The music in “Insectopedia” is so vivid that you feel like you are becoming one of the insects. Well, perhaps not the cockroach – but try not fly to away after playing it!
- Yuja Wang

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Photo: Julia Wesely