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Time for Pärt

Reading time: 2 min. Arvo PärtTime for Pärt



‘Music is a friend, understanding, emphatic, forgiving, comforting, a cloth to dry the tears of sadness, a source of tears of joy, but also a painful thorn in the flesh and in the soul,’ says Arvo Pärt. On September 11, he celebrates his 85th birthday.

The simple fact that he is the most frequently performed contemporary composer shows how deeply he moves his listeners with this understanding of music. Far beyond the boundaries of the musical world, Pärt has become a synonym for inwardness and spirituality. His uncompromising search for truthfulness has led him to find a language that is understood and loved worldwide.

Pärt is often transfigured into a mystic. This contradicts his very worldly character: ‘I am no prophet, no cardinal, no monk, not even vegetarian,’ was his humorous commentary on such classifications. Without his faith, however, his work would be unthinkable.

We bow to a great composer and humanist and look forward to further collaboration.

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