Universal Edition is nominated for digital publishing award

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Foto:  © Newzik/UE

Universal Edition is on the shortlist for the digital publishing awards with a new and innovative product, which was released on July 1: UE now has convinced the jury!

UE now has been on the market since November 2019: It enables the distribution of digital sheet music and scores via tablet, smartphone and desktop.

Jury statement UE now:

What is special about this submission is that music material is no longer published as PDF only, but as a mobile app - for the first time for the classical music sector, private and professional musicians. UE now offers digital sheet music material in real time, making collaborative composing and working on sheet music possible for the first time. Many other helpful features allow for a particularly user-friendly experience. Against the background that classical music publishers have so far hardly been pioneers in digital innovation, Universal Edition contributes to the digital transformation of this industry. According to the jury, the chance of the offer could be that the publishing house acts as a platform provider in the future and integrates other publishers into the offer.

More information about the digital publishing award can be found at https://magazin.digital-publishing-report.de/de/digital-publishing-award/ (German).

The prize will be awarded in October at a digital conference during the Frankfurt Book Fair.