Universal Edition receives German Music Edition Award BEST EDITION for Gustav Mahler's ‘Titan’

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Gustav Mahler's Titan in the New Critical Complete Edition wins the German Music Edition Prize BEST EDITION.
With this prize, the German Music Publishers Association (DMV) honours the editorial achievement of this work. BEST EDITION is awarded by the DMV for outstanding quality in music editions and music books.


Titan contains the history of its genesis, reviews of the performances in Hamburg and Weimar, a discussion of the programmes and the underlying ideas behind the work, colour prints of important sources, and an extensive critical commentary that describes the variants, problematic passages and all editorial interpolations.

The edition is modest in design and at the same time beautiful. Even the title in subtle light blue has Mahler's signature as the only eye-catcher, framed by further text in the Garamond typeface. This wonderful typeface is allowed to unfold prominently, especially on the inner pages [...] Furthermore, a lot of praise for the musical notation: many of Mahler's original annotations have been incorporated into the very neat musical score, so that one comes very close to Mahler's intention.

DMV - Deutscher Musikverleger-Verband e. V
Translated by Universal Edition.

The work is based on the text of the New Critical Complete Edition of the International Gustav Mahler Society Vienna and contains a detailed preface, bibliography and a critical report by the editor Stephen Hefling. 

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