Richard Filz: Rhythm Coach
Richard Filz
Rhythm Coach
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Richard Filz: Rhythm Coach für Instrumentalisten, Sänger und Tänzer

Rhythmn fitness with clap, stomp and sing-alongs
  • Band-Nr.: 1
  • Komponist: Filz Richard
  • Sprachen: Englisch
  • für Instrumentalisten, Sänger und Tänzer
  • Ausgabe: Englische Version (Deutsche Version erhältlich als UE32346)
  • Ausgabeart: Noten mit CD
  • Medienart: Noten mit CD
  • UE32347
  • ISBN: 978-3-7024-2897-6
  • ISMN: 979-0-008-07665-7
EUR  14,95

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Beschreibung Noten mit CD

Rhythm Workouts for instrumentalists, singers
and dancers! with CD

This little book with CD is packed full of everything you need to get rhythmically fit. Not just a "hands-on" booklet but feet and voice join in too. It will stimulate, energise and liberate - building confidence and a strong sense of pulse.

All developing musicians from an early stage and of any age can use this as:
• a "teach-yourself" book
• a book for using parallel to music lessons
• a book for using together with a teacher - individually or in a group

Included are:
• a few basic facts about notation of rhythms
• call & response exercises (using the enclosed CD)
• exercises using body and vocal percussion.
• special rhythmic sing and play-alongs to reinforce newly acquired skills
• a 5 minute daily rhythm workout and rhythm training plan
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