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Richard Wagner was born on 22 Mai 1813 as the youngest of nine children in Leipzig. He spent his youth in Dresden and Leipzig, where he studied composition. In 1836 he married the actress Minna Planer and later moved to Riga. He spent the following years in Paris, Dresden and various parts of Europe. In 1872 he chose to settle in Bayreuth with his wife and his three children Isolde, Eva and Siegfried. Wagner died on 13 February 1883 in Venice and was buried on 18 February in the garden of his Villa in Bayreuth.

Although the fanatical devotion that Wagner inspired in others and that he himself experienced already during his lifetime may have decreased, works like Tannhäuser, Lohengrin, Die Götterdämmerung und Der Ring des Nibelungen still speak for themselves, especially the Tristan chord is widely regarded as the start of modern music, marking a defining moment in the evolution of the genre.

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