Arvo Pärt; Enzo Restagno; Leopold Brauneiss; Saale Kareda: Arvo Pärt im Gespräch
Arvo Pärt; Enzo Restagno; Leopold Brauneiss; Saale Kareda
Arvo Pärt im Gespräch
EUR 22.95

Arvo Pärt; Enzo Restagno; Leopold Brauneiss; Saale Kareda: Arvo Pärt im Gespräch

For Arvo Pärt's 75th birthday
  • Composer: Pärt Arvo; Restagno Enzo; Brauneiss Leopold; Kareda Saale
  • Languages: German
  • Edition type: book
  • Medium: book
  • UE26300
  • ISBN: 978-3-7024-6961-0
  • ISMN: 979-0-008-08301-3
  • 17 x 24 cm
EUR 22.95

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This book is only availalbe in German.


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Description book

The collected articles of this book introduce the reader to Arvo Pärt: a composer who - within the last few decades - has become an eminent and unique personality in the music world.
• In the course of an extensive conversation that Enzo Restagno had with Arvo Pärt, the composer talks in his very personal way about his works, his life in Soviet Estonia, his emigration, his artistic odyssey and vision of the world.
• Leopold Brauneiss offers a musicological insight into Arvo Pärt's composition technique - the Tintinnabuli style.
• Saale Kareda talks about spiritual aspects in the approach to Pärt's music.
• Two speeches given by Arvo Pärt on the occasion of two international award ceremonies and many photos from the private archive of the composer complete the picture of the artist.

Contents - Arvo Pärt im Gespräch

  • Enzo Restagno: Mit Arvo Pärt im Gespräch
  • Leopold Brauneiss: Tintinnabuli - eine Einführung
  • Saale Kareda: Zurück zur Quelle
  • Arvo Pärt: Zwei Dankesreden
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