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Music for Orchestra

If you are looking for high quality music for orchestra, you have come to exactly the right place! Alongside solo concertos with orchestra, you will also find works for solo voice with orchestra. In the orchestra category, you will find the New Study Score Series, as well as the Philharmonia Pocket Scores and editions from the Haydn-Mozart Press. To make it easier to search, on the left you will find it’s possible to filter by composer.

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Alban Berg: Sieben frühe Lieder
Alban Berg
Sieben frühe Lieder
for high voice and orchestra

EUR 24.95 *

Arnold Schönberg: Chamber Symphony No. 1
Arnold Schönberg
Chamber Symphony No. 1
op. 9 E major
for orchestra
study score

A point of culmination in Schoenberg's artistic development - includes a preface from Ulrich Krämer in German, Englisch and French.

EUR 52.50 *

Arvo Pärt: Berliner Messe (Berlin Mass)
Arvo Pärt
Berliner Messe (Berlin Mass)
for mixed choir (SATB) and string orchestra
study score

'... diatonic melodies, clearly defined rhythmic patterns, consonant harmonic textures that coalesce into long, arching spans during which time seems to stand still.' (Peter G. Davis, music critic)

EUR 42.50 *

Arvo Pärt: Berliner Messe
Arvo Pärt
Berliner Messe
for mixed choir or soloists (SATB) and organ or mixed choir (SATB) string orchestra
choral score

The Berlin Mass is famous, difficult regarding the intonation, but impressive and good church music of the 20th century. (Kirchenmusik Limburg, 2/2006)

EUR 21.50 *

Emmanuel Pahud: Cadenzas to Flute Concertos by Wolfgang A. Mozart
Emmanuel Pahud
Cadenzas to Flute Concertos by Wolfgang A....
Emmanuel Pahud presents
KV 313, KV 314, KV 315
for Flute
Difficulty 4
sheet music

In this "Flute collection" edition, Emmanuel Pahud presents cadenzas to Mozart's Flute Concertos K. 313, K. 314 and K. 315.

EUR 13.95 *

Alban Berg: Seven Early Songs
Alban Berg
Seven Early Songs
for high voice and orchestra
study score

EUR 27.50 *

Luciano Berio: Folk Songs
Luciano Berio
Folk Songs
for mezzo-soprano and orchestra
study score

EUR 26.50 *

Alban Berg: Violin Concerto
Alban Berg
Violin Concerto
violin and orchestra
full score

EUR 105.00 *

Zoltán Kodály: Háry János-Suite
Zoltán Kodály
Háry János-Suite
for large orchestra
study score

This edition of the New Study Score Series features Zoltán Kodály's "Háry János-Suite" for large orchestra, composed in 1927.

EUR 31.50 *

Gustav Mahler: Songs of a Wayfarer
Gustav Mahler
Songs of a Wayfarer
for voice and orchestra
study score

This study score edition comprises Mahler's famous "Songs of a Wayfarer" for voice and orchestra, arranged for orchestra from 1890-1893.

EUR 17.95 *

Leoš Janácek: Glagolitic Mass
Leoš Janácek
Glagolitic Mass
First version 1927
for soloists: soprano, alto, tenor, bass, choir satb, organ and orchestra
piano reduction

EUR 54.95 *

Zoltán Kodály: Dances of Marosszek
Zoltán Kodály
Dances of Marosszek
for orchestra
study score

EUR 32.50 *

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