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Music for Flute, Recorder, Saxophone, Clarinet & other wind instruments

The Wind Section is an especially popular category, for which Universal Edition has a huge selection of music. Whether it be for Recorder or Saxophone, our editions for wind instruments are as varied as the sounds of the instruments themselves! You will find music for Flute, Oboe or Clarinet just as easily as for Horn, Trumpet or Trombone. Our Flute and Saxophone Methods especially enjoy huge popularity with music teachers. And musicians who seek the great classical compositions for wind instruments will find them here.

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Carlos Gardel: Tango Recorder Duets
Carlos Gardel
Tango Recorder Duets
for 2 recorders (AA / AT)
Difficulty 3
performing score

Carlos Gardel classic tangos have been arranged for two recorders by Collatti. Challenging but fun, they will introduce students to a wonderful new genre.

EUR 14.95 *

Bernhard Gortheil: Cartoons
Bernhard Gortheil
Musical caricatures
for 2 clarinets
performing score

EUR 14.99 *

Dmitri Schostakowitsch: Second Waltz from
Dmitri Schostakowitsch
Second Waltz from "Suite for Variety Orchestra"
for flute or recorder and guitar
Difficulty 2
sheet music

EUR 9.95 *

James Rae: Two Antipodean Sketches
James Rae
Two Antipodean Sketches
for clarinet and piano
Difficulty 3-4
sheet music

EUR 19.95 *

No image available
James Rae
18 Concert Etudes
In varying styles from Baroque to Funk
for clarinet
Difficulty 4-5
sheet music

James Rae's "18 Concert Etudes" for solo clarinet provide challenging studies, warm-ups and concert pieces in all styles for the serious clarinet student.

EUR 15.95 *

No image available
James Rae
Child's Play
18 first pieces for young beginners
for flute and piano
Difficulty 1
sheet music

"Child's Play" by James Rae contains the easiest possible pieces for piano and flute, with great accompaniments, that will complement any standard method book.

EUR 14.95 *

Hans Ulrich Staeps: Note-Patterns
Hans Ulrich Staeps
Exercises within the complete chromatic compass
for treble recorder
Difficulty 4
sheet music

"Note Patterns" by Hans Ulrich Staeps for treble recorder provides exercises for all ages and grades to complete the chromatic tonal space.

EUR 17.95 *

Béla Bartók: Romanian Christmas Carols
Béla Bartók
Romanian Christmas Carols
for saxophone quartet SATB
score and parts

Bartók's "Romanian Christmas Carols" arranged for saxophone quartet, are adaptions of folk songs that Bartók collected at the beginning of the 20th century during his journey through Romanian villages.

EUR 24.95 *

Diverse: Italian Classics
Italian Classics
Favourite Italian melodies
for flute and piano
Difficulty 2-3
sheet music

Arnold Zamarin’s “Italian Classics” for flute and piano contains intermediate arrangements of great Italian hits from the classics and folk music.

EUR 16.95 *

Johannes Brahms: Clarinet Album
Johannes Brahms
Clarinet Album
The most beautiful meldoies in easy to intermediate-level arrangements
for clarinet and piano
Difficulty 2-3
sheet music

An introduction to the wonderful music of Johannes Brahms for elementary to intermediate-level clarinettists.

EUR 18.95 *

Mike Cornick: Three Latin Sketches
Mike Cornick
Three Latin Sketches
for alto saxophone and piano
Difficulty 3-4
sheet music

Duos for alto saxophone and piano with a Latin American feel for middle-grade players and beyond - performances can be viewed online.

EUR 16.95 *

Diverse: Tango Passion
Tango Passion
Intermediate-level tango classics
for 2 flutes
Difficulty 3-4
performing score

True tango classics such as "Libertango", "El choclo" & "Ojos Negros" by Piazzolla, Villoldo, Greco, and other tango composers, selected and arranged for two flutes by Diego Collatti.

EUR 16.95 *

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