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Robert Hudson: Trombone on Stage
Robert Hudson
Trombone on Stage
16 attractive performance pieces from classical through to jazz and world music
for trombone and piano
Difficulty 2-3
sheet music

Easy to middle-grade pieces for trombone and piano in a variety of classical, jazz and world music styles. Short, fun pieces suitable for the concert platform.

EUR 16.95 *

Robert Hudson: 30 Modern Studies
Robert Hudson
30 Modern Studies
for trombone
Difficulty 1
sheet music

The studies in this book are designed to provide trombonists with a wide variety of technical and musical challenges, progressively arranged from beginner to advanced levels.

EUR 17.95 *

Georg Christoph Wagenseil: Concerto
Georg Christoph Wagenseil
for trombone and piano
Difficulty 3
piano reduction

The present edition of Wagenseil's Concerto per Trombone is based on two sets of parts from the 18th century in the music archives at Kromeriz (IV. A. 328).

EUR 15.95 *

Bob Brookmeyer: Evolution: The Improvisational Style of Bob Brookmeyer
Bob Brookmeyer
Evolution: The Improvisational Style of Bob...
for trombone
Difficulty 3
sheet music

EUR 53.50 *

Frank Martin: Ballade
Frank Martin
for trombone or tenorsaxophone and piano
Difficulty 4
piano reduction

Without any question, Martin's Ballade has established itself as a standard of trombone repertoire.

EUR 22.50 *

Ed Kröger: The Trombone in Jazz
Ed Kröger
The Trombone in Jazz
Difficulty 3

EUR 27.50 *

Alfred Schnittke: Dialog
Alfred Schnittke
for trombone and 7 instruments
Difficulty 5
solo part(s)
Posaune solo

EUR 14.95 *

Diverse: Christmas Jazz Trombone
Christmas Jazz Trombone
for trombone of bassoon and piano
Difficulty 3
sheet music

‚Christmas Jazz' Trombone includes 8 favorite Christmas carols as ‚Jingle Bells' and ‚ Joy to the World' easy arranged for trombone and piano by James Rae.

EUR 15.95 *

Alfred Schnittke: Schall und Hall
Alfred Schnittke
Schall und Hall
for trombone and organ
Difficulty 3

EUR 15.95 *

Franz Liszt: Complete Organ Works
Franz Liszt
Complete Organ Works
Vol. 8
for a solo instrument and organ
Difficulty 2
sheet music

EUR 32.50 *

Mauricio Kagel: Atem
Mauricio Kagel
for one wind instrument
Difficulty 4
performing score

Dieses Schlüsselwerk des zeitgenössischen Bläserrepertoires muss man einfach studieren und analysieren, selbst wenn man es nicht spielen will. "Atem" lässt keinen gleichgültig!

EUR 34.95 *

Karlheinz Stockhausen: Spiral
Karlheinz Stockhausen
Nr. 27
for 1 soloist with short wave receiver

EUR 62.50 *

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