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Igudesman, Joo: A Little Nightmare Music

  • for violin and piano
  • Instrumentation details:
  • Composer: Aleksey Igudesman Hyung-ki Joo
  • Table of contents:
    Joo Hyung-ki: Moment musiCALL
    Mozart / Igudesman / Joo: Alla molto turca
    Igudesman Aleksey: Horror Movie
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Printed product

Aleksey Igudesman / Hyung-ki Joo: A Little Nightmare Music for violin and piano | UE34170

Three selected pieces

  • Edition type: sheet music
  • Grade: 4-7
  • Format: 23.2 × 30.5 cm
  • ISBN: 978-3-7024-7359-4
  • ISMN: 979-0-008-08689-2
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Are you ready to play some Igudesman & Joo yourself? The time has finally arrived where you can cause musical mayhem and play "A Little Nightmare Music".

Since the first performance of Igudesman & Joo's highly successful show A Little Nightmare Music, musicians have asked for the sheet music. Three pieces for violin and piano are now available! Igudesman and Joo have been performing together since 2004 for millions across the globe, in concert halls and via the internet. They have been compared to the Marx Brothers, Jascha Heifetz and Vladimir Horowitz all rolled into one duo. Here is the chance to perform their pieces from A Little Nightmare Music which are presented complete with their performance directions which may also inspire a new interpretation.

Moment MusiCALL After opening the piece with something slow and absorbingly moving (suggested titles provided) a pre-arranged mobile phone rings in the concert hall. The well-known ringtone is from Tárrega's Gran Vals. It should ring long enough to annoy everyone. After further farcical developments, the pianist, in an annoyed fashion, begins Moment MusiCALL… based on those famous few notes from … Gran Vals by Tárrega. Alla molto turca Based on Mozart's Turkish March K 331, this piece provides scope for non-obligatory improvisation and lots of acting. As Igudesman & Joo say: "Belly dancing is optional".

Horror Movie The usual clichés we all expect and relish from horror movie soundtracks are included, along with opportunities for theatrical additions and interesting suggestions for musical sound effects.

• Funny, entertaining pieces that are nonetheless finely crafted musical creations in themselves
• Performance notes, acting cues and lighting suggestions are provided whilst performers may make changes and find their own interpretation
• The pieces can stand alone as concert items

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  • Joo Hyung-ki: Moment musiCALL
  • Mozart / Igudesman / Joo: Alla molto turca
  • Igudesman Aleksey: Horror Movie


They are party pieces, and fun ones at that. (...)
Stringendo Magazine Vol. 39, April 2017 (Hollis Taylor)

(…) L'humour est une des clés de leur projet et leur spectacle "A Little Nightmare Music" (…) Universal Edition propose trois pièces pour violon et piano tirées de ce spectacle. (…) Ces trois pièces, expliquent les auteurs dans la préface (en anglais), sont parsemées d'indications qui peuvent être modifiées selon les interprètes. Précisons encore qu'au-delà de l'humour, elles requièrent un haut niveau instrumental!
La lettre du musicien Nr. 473, Jänner 2016 (Michaël Sebaoun)

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