Aleksey Igudesman: Fasten Seatbelts

Aleksey Igudesman: Fasten Seatbelts for violin | UE36700

10 virtuoso pieces

Fasten seat belts and prepare for take-off! Aleksey Igudesman presents the sheet music of his amazing violin concert pieces for high-flyers from his show 'Fasten Seatbelts'.

for violin
Edition type:
sheet music
Igudesman Aleksey
  • UE36700
  • ISBN: 978-3-7024-7387-7
  • ISMN: 979-0-008-08716-5
  • 23.2 × 30.5 cm
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Contents – Fasten Seatbelts for violin

  • Igudesman Aleksey: Katyuscha Variations
  • Igudesman Aleksey: Tango Loco
  • Igudesman Aleksey: Funky Karobushka
  • Igudesman Aleksey: Si Señor
  • Igudesman Aleksey: Applemania
  • Igudesman Aleksey: Nostalgia
  • Igudesman Aleksey: Tango del Diabolo
  • Igudesman Aleksey: Chill Out
  • Igudesman Aleksey: Flamenco Fantasy
  • Igudesman Aleksey: Funky String


Challenging and unusual concert pieces for the more advanced violinist Aleksey Igudesman takes us to his homeland and then around the world with his own arrangements and humorous compositions for solo violin. Aleksey Igudesman's solution, when considering mistakes that could be made when performing well-known virtuoso pieces, was to "…write my own virtuoso pieces so that in performance I could make my own mistakes without anyone judging me." He generously invites performers of these works to "feel free to alter them in any way, be it the rhythm, articulation or even the notes and form." Performed with great success by Aleksey Igudesman himself Here is the chance to perform these unique and thoroughly enjoyable pieces - just as they are and also have the chance, if desired, to make some creative changes and deliver your own personal message to your audience. Performances of some of these pieces may be viewed at and The CD


(...) Aleksey Igudesman liefert anspruchsvolle Spielliteratur, die witzig und zugleich anspruchsvoll ist. In „Fasten Seat Belts“ muss man sich wirklich anschallen, denn die Wendungen sind atemberaubend, das Tempo zumeist auch. Igudesman versammelt in diesem Band virtuose Solostücke, die als Konzertstücke und Zugaben für Furore sorgen können. (...)
ESTA Nachrichten Nr. 76, Oktober 2016 (Ulrich Schliephake)


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for violin
Edition type:
sheet music
Igudesman Aleksey

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