Aleksey Igudesman: Mozart & More

Aleksey Igudesman: Mozart & More for 2 violins | UE33656

Violin Duets

Well-known pieces by Mozart, à la the inimitable Aleksey Igudesman, for two violins - to play, entertain and enjoy. An unusual addition to your sheet music library.

for 2 violins
Edition type:
performing score
Igudesman Aleksey
  • UE33656
  • ISBN: 978-3-7024-7386-0
  • ISMN: 979-0-008-08715-8
  • 23.2 × 30.5 cm
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Contents – Mozart & More for 2 violins

  • Mozart/Igudesman: Twinkl, Twinkle You Big Star
  • Mozart/Igudesman: Alla Molto Turca for Two Violins
  • Mozart/Igudesman: Andante Mozartoso
  • Mozart/Igudesman: A Very Little Night Music
  • Mozart/Igudesman: The Amadeus Ring
  • Mozart/Igudesman: Buy This Bird
  • Mozart/Igudesman: Born Again
  • Mozart/Igudesman: Rondino para Wolfgang
  • Mozart/Igudesman: Figure Out What You Want
  • Mozart/Igudesman: Concertino in G


There is no doubt about Aleksey Igudesman's admiration for Mozart and his music and these "Igudesmanised" pieces for two violins would most likely have Mozart himself laughing, were he to hear them. The 10 pieces for two violins such as 'A Very Little Night Music' through to 'Loud Date and Domino' will be enjoyed by all including two inspired by Mozart but composed by Igudesman himself. There is also a free bonus piece, 'Concertino in G', as a digital sheet music download included.

'Whether the pieces in this book are unmistakably 'Igudesman' is for you to judge, but I am quite convinced that Mozart, were he alive, would have had a laugh if he heard them... before he sued me for copyright infringement!' Aleksey Igudesman

• Mozart – Igudesman-style for two violins
• Performance pieces full of humour and quirkiness for the stage or even for busking
• Background notes for each piece are provided


The latest addition to Universal’s World Music series features the ever-creative Igudesman in more ingenious violin duets, this time inspired by Mozart.
Stringendo Magazine Volume 38 No.2, Autumn 2016 (Mary Nemet)


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for 2 violins
Edition type:
performing score
Igudesman Aleksey

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