Various, Hausegger: Die Musik als Ausdruck

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Friedrich von Hausegger: Musik als Ausdruck  | UE26850

  • Edition type: book
  • Series: Studien zur Wertungsforschung
  • Volume: 50
  • Languages: German
  • Edition: German version. The English version is available as UE26860
  • Format: 14.3 × 20.3 cm
  • ISBN: 978-3-7024-6860-6
  • ISMN: 979-0-008-08206-1
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In his essay from 1885, Hausegger examines how valuations form and establish themselves, spread out, change and replace each other. They exist from reflection as well as arguments and are completely manifold due to different attitudes combined with varying experiences. As a result, "Music as Expression" offers a comprehensive view of the aesthetics of portraying, performing and perceiving art as components that interact with one another.

The English version of this book is available as UE26860.

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