Hans Ulrich Staeps: Note-Patterns

Hans Ulrich Staeps: Note-Patterns for treble recorder | UE36758

Exercises within the complete chromatic compass - "Note Patterns" by Hans Ulrich Staeps for treble recorder provides exercises for all ages and grades to complete the chromatic tonal space.

for treble recorder
Edition type:
sheet music
Staeps Hans Ulrich
Musik für Blockflöte - Il flauto dolce
  • UE36758
  • ISBN: 978-3-7024-7439-3
  • ISMN: 979-0-008-08768-4
  • 23.2 × 30.5 cm
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Contents – Note-Patterns for treble recorder

  • Oktaven / Octaves
  • Die Gabel der linken / Left hand fork
  • Akkordentfaltung / Chordal development
  • Die tiefe Lage / The low position
  • Barockfloskeln I / Baroque clichés I
  • Tonales Zentrum F / Tonal centre F
  • Wechselnoten / Changing notes
  • Durchmessung der Dreiklangsintervalle / Triadic intervals with connecting notes
  • Mollakkorde in Halbtonrückung / Minor chords with semitone shifts
  • Umspielte Sextakkorde / Sixth chords with alternating notes
  • Gezerrtes Metrum / Stretched metre
  • Tonales Zentrum Zentrum C, B und G / Tonal centres C, B flat and G
  • Sequenzen mit Wechseldominanten / Sequences with dominants of dominantes
  • Die vier Umspielungen eines Tones / The four adjoining notes
  • Sprünge über kleine und große Septimen / Leaps in minor and major sevenths
  • Alle Töne der Flöte / All notes of the recorder
  • Barockfloskeln II / Baroque clichés II
  • Tonale Zentren Es, D und As / Tonal centres E flat, D and A flat
  • Quarten / Fourths
  • Trillerfolgen / Chains of trills
  • Ansteigende Sprünge / Upward leaps
  • Wachsende Reihen / Rows with increasing numbers of notes
  • Harmonische Ketten / Harmonic chains
  • Tonale Zentren A, Des und E / Tonal centres A, D flat and E
  • Staccatoübung / Staccato exercise
  • Ungerade Tonfolgen / Uneven passages
  • Vermischte Floskeln / Mixed clichés
  • Tritonus und Triolen / Tritones and triplets
  • Trenntöne zwischen Halbtonschritten / Notes separating semitone-passages
  • Tonales Zentrum H / Tonal centre B
  • Gebundene Triolen / Slurred triplets
  • Repetierende Töne / Repeated notes
  • Akzentwechsel durch Motivverkürzung / Change of accents by shortened motives
  • Sekunden im Quartabstand / Seconds in the interval of a fourth
  • Artikulierte Fünferfolgen / Articulated five-beat passages
  • Beispiel eines Double-Satzes / Example of a movement with a double


Hans Ulrich Staeps’ “Tonfiguren” or “Note Patterns” has been used by recorder teachers all over the world for decades and is firmly established as part of the teaching canon. It complements his well-known book, “The Daily Lesson” and provides exercises to explore the full chromatic range of the alto recorder as well as improve techniques in rhythms and fingering combinations.
This new edition makes no unnecessary corrections to Staeps’ music or advice but uses modern graphics and printing techniques to offer an old favourite in a smart new format.


They make wonderful and very challenging studies, and can be highly recommended for stretching both technique and musical interpretation (...)
The Recorder Magazine, Winter 2017 (John Turner)

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for treble recorder
Edition type:
sheet music
Staeps Hans Ulrich
Musik für Blockflöte - Il flauto dolce

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