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Aleksey Igudesman: Take It To Eleven

  • for alto saxophone, violin and piano
  • Duration: 12’
  • Instrumentation details:
    alto saxophone in Eb
  • Composer: Aleksey Igudesman
  • Dedication: For Trio KlaViS (Sabina Hasanova, Jenny Lippl and Miha Ferk)
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Aleksey Igudesman: Take It To Eleven for alto saxophone, violin and piano | UED3667700

  • Edition type: digital score and parts
  • Grade: 5-8
  • Edition info: file for UE now
  • Format: 21.0 × 29.7 cm
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The new explosive work from Aleksey Igudesman "Take It To Eleven" was composed specifically for Trio KlaViS (piano, violin and saxophone). It is a firework of interlocking rhythms and wild exotic melodies. The title refers to the cult film "This Is Spinal Tap"; a satire about a (fictional) rock band which is going downhill. For them, the control level can be turned to eleven, one more than usual!

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(...) il lavoro di Aleksey Igudesman, composizione di respiro e ambito contemporanei, risulta molto gradevole, interessante e coinvolgente, per l’esecuzione come per l’ascolto. Consigliato.
Musica+ Nr. 45, 2016 (Alessio Di Francesco)


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