Tilmann Dehnhard: The New Flute

Tilmann Dehnhard: The New Flute for flute with DVD | UE35320

An introduction to modern flute techniques with workbook and DVD

An introduction to modern flute techniques Sing & Play • Fluteboxing • Bisbigliando • Whistles • Wind Sounds • Percussive Sounds • Glissando • Flutter Tongue • High Speed Trills …

for flute with DVD
Edition type:
music + DVD
Dehnhard Tilmann
Pedagogy, Pop Music
English, German
  • UE35320
  • ISBN: 978-3-7024-7166-8
  • ISMN: 979-0-008-08497-3
  • 23.2 × 30.5 cm
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Contents – The New Flute for flute with DVD

  • Legende • Symbols and signs
  • Dehnhard Tilmann: Search & Find
  • Beatboxing
  • Fluteboxing
  • Groove und Unabhängigkeit • Groove and Independence
  • Bach Johann Sebastian: Bourrée
  • Dehnhard Tilmann: Silver Lining
  • Dehnhard Tilmann: Big C
  • Echte Whistles • Whistle tones
  • Unechte Whistles • Ghost tones
  • Dehnhard Tilmann: Silver Threads
  • Zusätzliche Tongeneratoren • Additional sound generators
  • Perkussive Artikulationen • Percussive articulations
  • Klappengeräusche • Key clicks
  • Bending
  • Glissando
  • Dehnhard Tilmann: Cantilene
  • Glissando-Kombinationen • Glissando combinations
  • Pentatonik • Pentatonics
  • Dehnhard Tilmann: Gliss is Bliss
  • Obertöne • Harmonics
  • Zirkularatmung: Vorübungen • Preparatory exercises
  • Zirkularatmung auf der Flöte • Circular breathing on the flute
  • Zirkularatmung: Und nun die Finger • Circular breathing: And now about the fingers
  • Dehnhard Tilmann: Quarter Chromos
  • Multiphonics
  • Flatterzunge • Flutter tongue
  • Rückwärtssound • Reverse sound
  • Chromatische Abschattierungen • Microtonal shadings
  • Akkord-Tremolo • Chord tremolo
  • High-Speed-Triller • High speed trills
  • Pars pro Toto
  • Trompetenansatz • Trumpet embouchure
  • Geräusche ins Rohrinnere • Sounds into the inside of the flute
  • Zigarettenblättchen als Resonator • Cigarette paper as resonator
  • Unteres Ende der Flöte verschließen • Closing the bottom end of the flute
  • Flöte verlängern • Extending the flute


This workbook and DVD will galvanize anyone into action who wants to learn and apply contemporary flute techniques. Everything from beatboxing on the flute to high speed trills is included. Tilmann Dehnhard's confidence-building approach and helpful, practical advice will ensure good progress in this exciting genre and enhance the self-assurance to improvise and experiment. Each chapter is complete in itself and working through the book from the beginning is not required. Specific skills can be worked on in any order - just as you please. All of the exercises in the book are demonstrated on the DVD which is invaluable as they are bringing to life the techniques explained in the book.

• New, popular flute techniques such as Flute-Beatboxing, Sing & Play and many more
• Improvisational approach to new sounds - play, experiment and explore
• All exercises are demonstrated on the DVD by Tilmann Dehnhard, bringing to life the techniques explained in the book
• Useful material for practising, playing and teaching
• Individual chapters are independent of each other and can be worked on in any order
• Additional material for printing out is provided on the DVD

The new book "Flutebeatboxing" (UE36619) complements the Fluteboxing chapter in Tilmann Dehnhard's 'The New Flute' and contains " Comprehensive practice and performance material for the popular Flute-Beatboxing technique.


(…) The workbook is a useful addition to the growing number of resources for the study of extended techniques now available. The well-written, approachable preface sets the tone of the book, giving a playful approach to modern techniques and providing a palette of colours than can be explored at will. Dehnhard's approach to improvisation is encouraging and supportive, providing ideas and suggesting ways to develop general playing skills through taking risks and trying new things. (…) The material is well presented, with clear fingering diagrams. A range of exercises is included which will be suitable for intermediate players. The level of these exercises means that this book is ideal for everyone except for complete beginners, and provides an excellent starting point for anyone who wants to explore the extended possibilities of the flute, from children to adult amateurs. (..) One of the most useful aspects of this book is the explanation and musical examples for flute beatboxing (fluteboxing). This provides an excellent opportunity to explore the technique in a way which is easy to understand and clearly explained. The DVD contains examples of all of the techniques, as well as recordings of Dehnhard performing his own works, which also appear in the workbook. Dehnhard's music is light-hearted, and the inclusion of these pieces provides an enjoyable context for students to practice the techniques. (…) The book is ideal as teaching material, as well as for those who want to explore on their own. Highly recommended. Pan Magazine 6/2013 ln this workbook/DVD package, Dehnhard invites flutists to explore, try, and play. The flute and how it is played have come a long way since its genesis, and there are new techniques evolving constantly. With The New Flute, students can learn beatboxing, glissando, whistles, and more. Chapters and topics are complete in themselves and non-sequential, and so can be independently studied in any order. All of the exercises in the book are demonstrated on the DVD, on which Dehnhard brings the examples to life. Teaching music 10/2013

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for flute with DVD
Edition type:
music + DVD
Dehnhard Tilmann
Pedagogy, Pop Music
English, German


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