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Theodor Berger: Konzert

  • for violin and orchestra
  • 3 2 3 2 - 2 2 2 0 - perc, str(min 16 16 12 8 8)
  • Duration: 26’
  • Soloists:
  • Instrumentation details:
    picc. 2 1 c.a 2 bass cl. 2 - 2 2 2 0 - glock., tambourine - str. (Min.): 8. 8. 6. 4. 4.
  • Composer: Theodor Berger

Work introduction

The piece consists of four movements played without pauses between them – Adagio, Allegro, Adagio, Vivace. It is not a “concerto” in the sense of a dialogue or disputation between the solo instrument and the orchestra; the violin has the leading part throughout while, with brief exceptions, the orchestra provides the accompaniment. The work’s remarkable features include the lyricism in the two slow movements and the prominence of trills (which give the music a tender, fragile and even occasionally a frisky touch), evincing the composer’s fine sense of tone-colour. This concerto is a most rewarding way for every accomplished violinist to demonstrate his/her musicality and virtuosity.


World première

Wien (AT)
Wiener Philharmoniker
Eugene Ormandy
Main soloists:
Ricardo Odnoposoff, vln

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