Adams Flute Festival

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Grab your flute and participate in our author Tilmann Dehnhard's workshop at the Adams International Flute Festival in Ittervoort (Netherlands) where you can learn many new techniques like FluteBeatboxing:

The New Flute - An introduction to modern playing techniques of the flute
The freelance musician and composer Tilmann Dehnhard presents new flute playing techniques: FluteBeatboxing, singing [&] playing and circular breathing are presented with practical and well-founded exercises and playfully improvised. Please bring your flute – both amateurs and professionals are welcome!

Friday, April 21st: 15:45 - 17:15
Saturday, April 22nd: 11:00 - 12:30

The New Flute – An Introduction to Modern Flute Techniques
A Cappella Grooving

Alternatively you can visit the EAS Conference (European Association for Music in Schools) in Salzburg this weekend, at which you can join Johannes Steiner's workshop A Cappella Grooving which will be all about the human voice:

A Cappella Grooving – A New Way Of Singing Pop Songs In Class
Friday, April 21st: 11:30

A Cappella Grooving – Lebendige Vocal-Pop-Performance 
(this edition is only available in German)

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