Baltakas’ Saxordionphonics at the Festival “Contrasts”

Reading time: 1 min. Vykintas Baltakas

Vykintas Baltakas’ Saxordionphonics will be performed for the first time in the Ukraine on 29 September at the Festival “Contrasts” (26 September – 28 October), which takes place in Lviv.

The composer about the piece:

The work is founded on two structural principles. The first is a strictly rhythmical construct of two to three permuting notes which paces through the entire piece, forming a structural basis, with temporal distensions and condensations, dynamic and colorific variations. The other is a freer level which reacts musically to the first. [read more]

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Find information on the composer, his works, texts, photos and performances at www.baltakas.net.

Vykintas Baltakas: Saxordionphonics
for saxophon, accordion and chamber orchestra | 15'
2 2 3 2 - 2 1 1 0 - perc, str(6 6 5 4 3)
29.09.2013, S. Lyudkevych Concert Hall, Lviv; Dieter Kraus, sax; Roman Yusipey, acc; Lviv Philharmonic Orchestra, cond. Stanislav Velyanyk

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