Belgian première of K’in

Pascal Gallois and the Hugo Wolf Quartet will perform the Belgian première of Johannes Maria Staud’s K’in on 10 November at the Concertgebouw in Bruges. The composer has dedicated he piece for bassoon and string quartet to Gallois and the quartet. Afterwards, Gallois will perform Celluloid for bassoon.

Staud on K’in:

In the Mayan language, K’in means “sun.” It is also the smallest unit in the Mayan calendar, corresponding to one day.

On 21 December 2012, when I was in the middle of working on this piece, the world was supposed to end – at least according to some apocalyptic prophets who based their predictions on the Long Count of the Mayan calendar, but who, in truth, had probably read too much H.P. Lovecraft. […]

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View the full score of K’in.

Johannes Maria Staud: K’in
for bassoon and string quartet | 12'
prem. 10.11.2013, Concertgebouw, Bruges; Pascal Gallois, bsn; Hugo Wolf Quartet

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