Curtain up! - Duets 1

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The flute duet has been a favourite combination for centuries resulting in many fine compositions and arrangements, not least of which were of many operatic overtures and arias – the pop music of the day – making these “hits” available for people to play in their own home long before the gramophone was invented. Bühne Frei! or Curtain Up! (Book 1) is the latest release in the Magic Flute on Stage series and celebrates this tradition of music making with the minimum of resources. It includes original pieces from Blavet and Berbuigier, operatic arias from Handel and Rossini, and arrangements of Bartok, all topped off with some jazzy pieces from that master of woodwind teaching, James Rae. Easy to intermediate level and ideal for teaching, relaxing or concerts and competitions.

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Curtain up! – Duets 1 for 2 flutes

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