David Sawer at the Proms

Reading time: 1 min. David Sawer

I am not saying that the greatest happiness principle exists or that the music presumes to demonstrate such a thing, but that it is a situation to which it aspires. (David Sawer on the greatest happiness principle)

On 29 July David Sawer’s the greatest happiness principle will be performed by Mark Wigglesworth and the BBC Philharmonic at this year’s BBC Proms – twenty years after Wigglesworth premièred the work in Cardiff.

Sawer’s work was inspired by Jeremy Bentham’s utopian ideas of the panoptic prison design, and it’s the implications – for good or ill – of this panoptic principle which Sawer explores in his work.

Listen to the Prom live from the Royal Albert Hall on 29 July on BBC Radio 3.

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