Der Ferne Klang in Lübeck

Reading time: 2 min. Franz Schreker

Franz Schreker’s musical innovation is less a result of technical developments than an expression of spheres of human emotional life, which have never before been so clearly displayed. He is not a composer of absolutes, but rather someone for whom music, like staging, is a means of presenting general human problems. And yet his work is still art of the highest order, which is the result of his skill as a dramatist. These brightly coloured images and sounds are equally inspired by the stage. (Erwin Stein on Franz Schreker)

Schreker was undoubtedly one of the last composers of this generation. A new aesthetic developed after the war. His personal fate as a “degenerate” artist in Berlin, who was driven out of office in 1933, attempted to emigrate and then died in 1934, is an additional factor. Like many others, he was simply forgotten – passed over. The Nazis did a good job on him. (Ingo Metzmacher on Franz Schreker)




Jochen Biganzoli’s new production of Franz Schreker’s Der Ferne Klang will première on 21 October at the Theater Lübeck. Andreas Wolf conducts the Philharmonisches Orchester der Hansestadt Lübeck, with Cornelia Ptassek as Grete and Zoltán Nyári as Fritz.

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