Georg Friedrich Haas: Two world premières

Reading time: 1 min. Georg Friedrich Haas world première

limited approximations by Georg Friedrich Haas is a piece for 6 micro-tonally tuned pianos and orchestra. The tuning of the pianos enables music within a scale of 72 equal frequency ratios per octave to be heard precisely. This tonal system enables a far more differentiated composition of merging and friction than the conventional twelve-tone temperament. The piece[nbsp]has received its world première in Donaueschingen on 17 Oct (c.: Sylvain Cambreling).

Arthur F. Becker (od. Buhr?) was commissioned by the KlangForum Heidelberg. Hans Prinzhorn collected drawings by mentally ill patients at the Psychiatric University Clinic in Heidelberg up to the year 1921. Haas’ work refers to a sketch by the patient Arthur F. Becker; a sketch with an intricate, dense web of intertwined lines depicting a landscape. The threatening feeling, however, is created by the blank areas of the sketch. The world première will be held on 22 Oct with SCHOLA Heidelberg and ensemble aisthesis.

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