Great reviews for our new editions

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Our recent releases have received some great reviews in the international press. Here’s a selection of the juicy bits.

Mike Cornick
Play the Piano!

“This new adult beginner guide makes an excellent attempt at achieving the unachievable.”

“I have nothing but praise for the way in which aural skills are built up throughout the book.”

“A useful publication for the adult beginner” (International Piano Magazine)

“The book goes to the top of the pile of piano tutorials currently available for the older beginner.” (The Pianist Magazine)

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Gustavo Beytelmann
Solo Tango Solo Piano

“The perfect way to explore the spirit of real tango” (Music Teacher Magazine)

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Nikolai Podgornov
Nikolai Podgornov’s Graded Pieces for Piano Volume 2

“These three volumes could constitute your entire curriculum and nothing would be neglected.” (In Ten of the Best, Music Teacher Magazine)

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James Rae
Repertoire Explorer Clarinet Book 2

“A useful and well-presented book which I will certainly be using in the future, and I hope that more volumes of Repertoire Explorer come to fruition soon.” (Music Teacher Magazine)

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Mary Karen Clardy
Classic Etudes for Flute

“This is a good choice of study book which includes some technical and musical challenges and would suit intermediate players.” (Flute Magazine)

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The New Study Score Series

“If you can’t afford the lot, pick almost anywhere … These are stimulating releases. What next, I wonder?” (Music Teacher Magazine)

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Mauro Giuliani
Sonata in C major Op. 15
from the New Karl Scheit Guitar Edition

“A great sonata; lots of fun, hard but not too much so and a piece that unlike so much from this era of guitar music, really has something to say.”

“A flawless edition.” (Classical Guitar Magazine)

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Santiago De Murcia
Villanos – Fandango – Gallardas – Cumbees – Marizapalos – La Jotta
from the New Karl Scheit Guitar Edition

“Most players of moderate to intermediate standard will be able to enjoy the interesting melodies and part writing … Nicely printed and produced.” (Classical Guitar Magazine)

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Maurice Ravel
Gaspard de la Nuit - Wiener Urtext Edition

“What this new offering does is to combine state-of-the-art musicological research and authenticity with down-to-earth help for aspiring interpreters … The most detailed critical commentary I have yet seen for this music”

“A multipurpose edition that deserves widespread admiration.” (International Piano Magazine)

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