Happy 50th Birthday, Tilmann Dehnhard!

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On 15.3.2018 we celebrate the 50th birthday of dedicated Jazz-flautist and -saxophonist Tilmann Dehnhard!

Our composer studied flute at the Universität der Künste Berlin. He gives concerts and workshops worldwide about Jazz, modern playing techniques and free improvisation and teaches at the Jazz Institut Berlin (Universität der Künste). He also composes for theatre and film.

Here you can find an overview of his most popular editions:

The New Flute

About The New Flute (UE35320):
"ln this workbook/DVD package, Dehnhard invites flutists to explore, try and play. The flute and how it is played have come a long way since its genesis, and there are new techniques evolving constantly. With The New Flute, students can learn beatboxing, glissando, whistles and more. Chapters and topics are complete in themselves and non-sequential, and so can be independently studied in any order. All of the exercises in the book are demonstrated on the DVD, on which Dehnhard brings the examples to life."
Teaching Music, October 2013

Easy Jazz Studies – Flute

Jazz Studies – Flute

About Easy Jazz Studies – Flute (UE35028):
"This book of jazz-style studies is suited to players of around Grade 3 or 4 standard and follows the success of Dehnhard's Jazz Studies for Flute. The pieces embrace a range of jazz styles from blues to ballad, many of which are built on classic progressions from well-known jazz standards. The accompanying CD (with guitar backing) provides multiple versions of each study at various tempi for the student to play along with as their mastery of the piece develops. An excellent, if elementary, introduction to jazz style is provided, with brief and clear explanations regarding appropriate articulation, straight and swung eights, and ornamentation. The pieces are tuneful and appealing, with a pleasing backing track. The specific technical focus of each study is not particularly evident, and the book is perhaps best suited for use as supplementary material, or to re-enthuse a disaffected student. There is, nonetheless, plenty of enjoyment to be had from this offering, especially as occasional off-syllabus entertainment."
Elisabeth Hobbs, Flute Magazine, December 2011

Easy Jazz Studies – Alto Saxophone
Easy Jazz Studies – Clarinet

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