Jay Schwartz: Narcissus & Echo in Madrid

Reading time: 1 min. Jay Schwartz

Following its success at the Salzburg Biennale last weekend, Jay Schwartz’ chamber opera Narcissus [&] Echo comes to Madrid in the new production by Tilman Hecker.

The musical realisation of Ovid's story is based on the mirroring between the two figures Narcissus and Echo. A sensitive play on very quite and delicate sounds as well as on the earthly organic timbres of the viola yields a chamber[nbsp]music setting of a very intimate kind.

One of the “most exciting and intelligent music theatre productions” of the last two years, is how the Salzburger Nachrichten described the performance, which “succeeds via an unorthodox instrumentation and spatial acoustic effects of magical forcefulness.”

The next performances are on 23 and 25 March at the Teatros del Canal in Madrid, as part of the Operadhoy 2011 festival.

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