Kaminski’s Magnificat at the Internationalen Musiktage 2016

Reading time: 1 min. Heinrich Kaminski

Soprano Cornelia Ptassek, violist Danka Nikolic, the Heinrich-Kaminski-Chorgemeinschaft and the Deutsche Kammerakademie Neuss (cond. Fred Buttkewitz) will perform Heinrich Kaminski’s Magnificat on 24 September in the frame of the Internationalen Musiktage 2016 – Dom zu Speyer (22 September – 8 October).

Kaminski’s composed the Magnificat in 1925 and said that it was “… Mary’s hymn of praise, elicited by the shining message of the Annunciation and thus the rejoicing of every soul illuminated by that light.” It was frequently performed – sometimes paired with Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony – until the Nazis banned Kaminski’s works. 

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