Latin Passion Motets

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Five Latin Passion Motets for 5-part mixed choir (SSATB) by Max Beckschäfer, which are suitable for the liturgy and concerts. They can be performed as a cycle of works or individually – total duration if all five motets are performed is 12 minutes.
The music uses extended tonality, is reflective of the text and seasonal nature of the pieces and it is largely based in a minor key with moments of dissonance. A demanding musical texture is created in the way the five vocal lines are used.
The Latin lyrics are taken from the Passion Week’s responsories and describe several stations of the suffering of Jesus – starting with Holy Thursday until Holy Saturday.

In monte Oliveti
UE37168Judas mercator pessimus

Judas mercator pessimus

Sicut ovis

Tenebrae factae sunt

Ecce quomodo moritur

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