New production of Votre Faust

Reading time: 1 min. Henri Pousseur

“As you already know, Votre Faust is not conventional opera. When Butor and I drafted the piece in the early 60s, we dreamt of a new form of theatre that would merge the characteristics of (modern) theatre and modern music, while at the same time approaching the baroque opera, the form of the operas of Brecht and Weill, the Japanese Noh and the théâtre de tréteaux, such as the l'Histoire du soldat – while still being completely different.”

Excerpt from a letter from Henri Pousseur to Universal Edition on 6 November 1995

Votre Faust
Variable work in the operatic genre
1 0 1 1 - 1 1 0 0 - perc, hp, pno, alto sax, vln, vc, cb
30/3/2013 Berlin; Lydia Brotherton, Kerstin Stöcker, Kai-Uwe Fahnert, Martin Schubach; work in progress Berlin, cond. Gerhard Müller-Goldbloom

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