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Frédéric Chopin – Polonaises

The polonaises are regarded as one of the most important genres in the compositional oeuvre of Frédéric Chopin, some of them even as some of his most popular compositions. Their spectrum ranges from early works which can even be played by advanced beginners to demanding concert literature.
The new edition of Wiener Urtext Edition is based on all relevant sources: autographs, copyist‘s copies, engraver‘s copies, first editions, as well as copies of Chopin‘s pupils used in their lessons.

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Chopin – Polonaises edited by Christian Ubber


Ludwig van Beethoven – Piano Sonatas Vol. 3

This new edition is based on the study of some newfound sources and enriched with a critical commentary that explains the complex source material in German and English. The editorial decisions have been made transparent and comprehensibly commented on. This edition is an essential resource for studying this outstanding oeuvre of piano literature.

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Beethoven – Piano Sonatas Vol. 3 edited by Peter Hauschild and Jochen Reutter


Ludwig van Beethoven – Piano Sonata Op. 106

In 1818 Beethoven worked on one of his most monumental piano sonatas, the Hammerklavier Sonata Op. 106. 200 years later the Wiener Urtext Edition publishes a newly revised edition of this exceptional work. The problematic source material has been commented on in the preface as well as in the critical notes.
This edition also contains a contribution from Johann Sonnnleitner, who sheds light on Beethoven’s problematic metronome markings.

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Beethoven – Piano Sonata Op. 106 edited by Peter Hauschild and Jochen Reutter

Bernhard Ruchti – Beethoven A Tempo

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