Rendering in Rome

Reading time: 2 min. Luciano Berio


Maxime Pascal conducts Rendering – Luciano Berio’s meticulous yet radical reconstruction of Schubert’s sketches for his Symphony No. 10 – on 22 December at the Teatro dell’Opera di Roma.




Berio on his work on Rendering:

“During the last few weeks of his life, Franz Schubert created many sketches in preparation for a Tenth Symphony in D major (D 936 A). These sketches are fairly complex and of great beauty: they add a further indication of the new paths that were taking Schubert away from Beethoven’s influence. Rendering with its dual authorship is intended as a restoration of these sketches, it is not a completion nor a reconstruction. This restoration is made along the lines of the modern restoration of frescoes that aims at reviving the old colours without however trying to disguise the damage that time has caused, often leaving inevitable empty patches in the composition (for instance as in the case of Giotto in Assisi).”


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Our Listening Lab for Rendering provides engaging and interactive material to support orchestral musicians and music educators in schools and cultural institutions as they introduce audiences to Luciano Berio’s reconstruction. Find out more here:


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