Rihm: Nähe fern cycle

Reading time: 1 min. world première Wolfgang Rihm

Wolfgang Rihm has now concluded his Nähe fern cycle. The title Nähe fern chosen by Rihm originates from a late Goethe poem set to music by him and also by Johannes Brahms: ‘Dämmrung senkte sich von oben / Schon ist alle Nähe fern.’ [Twilight from above has fallen / Dimly mingling near and far. (Trans: Florence T. Jameson)]

The intriguing question here is: How near to Brahms can or may one come while still retaining distinct individuality? Four new orchestral works provide an answer.

Nähe fern

for orchestra
2 2 2 3 – 4 2 3 1
(“Lucerne Brahms/Rihm Cycle”)
Lucerne Symphony Orchestra
cond. James Gaffigan

Nähe fern 1 (2011) – 10’
prem. 22/06/2011

Nähe fern 2 (2011) – 14’
prem. 19/10/2011

Nähe fern 3 (2011–2012) – 14’
prem. 29/02/2012

Nähe fern 4 (2011–2012)
prem. 13/06/2012

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