Rihm‘s Gehege in Brussels

Reading time: 1 min. Wolfgang Rihm

In his monodrama Das Gehege [The enclosure], Wolfgang Rihm presents a sympathetic portrait of a woman lost to a world of her own dreams and once again shows himself to be a virtuosic interpreter of the complex female psyche. The work is based on a scene from Botho Strauß’ play Schlusschor. Full of sympathy for a caged eagle, a woman undresses in front of the mute bird, then frees it, curses it and finally kills it.

Rihm creates a finely woven atmosphere rich in desire with outbursts of intense energy. Andrea Breth’s production of this “Nocturnal scene for soprano and orchestra” opens on 16 January at La Monnaie / De Munt. Ángeles Blancas Gulín sings with Franck Ollu conducting this Belgian première.


View the score:

Das Gehege



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