Rihm: The Conquest of Mexico at the Saarland State Theatre

Reading time: 1 min. Wolfgang Rihm New Production

This April the Saarland State Theatre continues the celebrations of Wolfgang Rihm’s 60th birthday with Inga Levant’s new production of his opera Die Eroberung von Mexico (The Conquest of Mexico).

The 1992 stage work deals with the confrontation between the Conquistador Cortez and the Aztec ruler Montezuma, which becomes an allegory for a relationship full of attraction, misunderstanding, fear and dependence. The first night is on 21 April.

Wolfgang Rihm: Die Eroberung von Mexico (The Conquest of Mexico)

New production: Inga Levant
Saarland State Theatre Orchestra, cond. Thomas Peuschel
Cortez: James Bobby, Montezuma: Birgit Beckherrn
Première: 21 April 2012, Saarbrücken
Further performances: 21/04, 05/05, 10/05, 13/05, 19/05 und 22/05

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