Rihm: World première of Nähe fern 2

Reading time: 1 min. Wolfgang Rihm Lucerne James Gaffigan

Following the world première of the first part of Wolfgang Rihm’s Nähe fern series, Sigfried Schibli wrote in the Basler Zeitung (24.6.2011):

“We live in an age of a new historism, also in a musical sense. Contemporary composers often refer to old masters, who they quickly huddle up to and then just as quickly distance themselves from. In this context, the composer Wolfgang Rihm is writing four orchestral works parallel to the four symphonies by Johannes Brahms. By 2012 they will themselves have grown into a four-part symphony.”

World première Nähe fern 2: 19.10.2011
KKL Lucerne
Lucerne Symphony Orchestra, cond. James Gaffigan

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