Sotelo: Two world premières in Spain

Reading time: 1 min. world première Mauricio Sotelo

Mapas Celestes… I by Mauricio Sotelo, commissioned by the Sociedad Filarmónica de Badajoz/NAEM, is a sketch, a kind of imaginary map of the heavens. The music on the page is greatly simplified, requiring imaginative, creative interpretation from the players. Electronics add the turbulent, harrowing aspect of the “dark material” of outer space.

Mauricio Sotelo: Mapas Celestes... I
for ensemble and live-electronics
World première: 1/12/2011, Badajoz
Ensemble NeoArs Sonora

Luz sobre lienzo (Light on Canvas) was commissioned by Acción Cultural Española for the 200th anniversary of the 1812 Spanish Constitution. Lasting 40 minutes, the piece is based on an allegorical painting by Francisco de Goya, La Verdad, el Tiempo y la Historia (oil on canvas). These three figures are represented by violin (la Verdad), dance (la Historia) and percussion (el Tiempo), and projected via a live electronic system as vibrant light in a new, spatial-temporal dimension.

Mauricio Sotelo: Luz sobre lienzo
for violin, flamenco dancer, percussion and live-electronics
World première: 3/12/2011, Madrid
Patricia Kopatchinskaja, vln; Fuensanta “La Moneta”, flamenco dance;
Agustín Diassera, flamenco percussion;
Fernando Villanueva, live-electronics; cond. Mauricio Sotelo

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