Style Collection – Afro-Caribbean

Reading time: 1 min. Mike Cornick

Play with style using Mike Cornick's Style Collection for piano!

This collection of pieces has been selected from the huge repertoire of traditional Afro-Caribbean songs, many of which are characterised by strong harmonies using primary chords and frequent syncopated rhythms. As with any music drawn from an aural tradition, most of these songs exist in a variety of versions and some have found their way into the pop music repertoire.

This volume of Afro-Caribbean favourites, suitable for the middle-grade player, includes Yellow Bird, Brown Girl in the Ring, Jamaica Farewell, Mango Walk, Linstead Market and many more. The CD provides the option of playing  along as part of an ensemble which is both confidence-building and fun, while the demonstration tracks for listening are not only inspiring but hugely entertaining.

Mike Cornick
Style Collection – Afro-Carribean
UE 21651

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Mike Cornick
Style Collection – Jazz
UE 21650

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